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Civil War Times (formerly Civil War Times Illustrated) is a history magazine published bi-monthly which covers the American Civil War. It was established in 1962 by Robert Fowler due to centennial anniversary interest in the Civil War in the United States. It focuses on both battlefield strategy and tactics and the social and economic conditions of the time, as well as the legacy of the Civil War on the present.

Civil War Times, along with its sister publication America's Civil War, is published in Leesburg, Virginia, by the Weider History Group.

Civil War Times has a number of recurring departments, including:

Turning Points - Pivotal transitions in the course of the war.

Irregulars - Descriptions of the role of irregular branches on the war effort (engineers, recruiters, etc.)

Civil War Today - Current news from the Civil War community

Gallery - Profile and picture of a reader's Civil War ancestor

In Their Footsteps - Battlefield tour guides and points of interest

My War - First-hand soldier diaries, letters and memoirs

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