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Civil War
Release date(s) 1970s
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Civil War is a text-based computer game that puts the player against the computer in a simulation of the American Civil War. Civil War originated in the large, multi-user "mainframe" computer in the 1970s.

Civil War simulates the major battles of the conflict, with the human player as the South and the computer as the North. Fourteen separate battles are fought per game. The player can control four direct variables which interact to determine a battle's outcome: food, salaries, ammunition, and strategy (offensive or defensive). The side with the fewest casualties wins a battle, and whichever side wins the most battles wins the game (the computer wins all ties).[1]

Civil War was one of a number of text-based games available on early 1980s pay to play systems, along with games such as Adventure, Blackjack, Football, Hangman, Lunar Lander, Maze, and Star Trek.[2] Civil War was available on The Source, Big-Top Games, and A.R.C.A.D.E.[2]