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Chimborazo Hospital
U.S. Historic District Contributing Property
Inset of an 1865 map showing Chimborazo Hospital. To the south (bottom) are the tracks of the Richmond and York Railroad
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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Coordinates: 37°25′45″N 77°22′25″W / 37.42917°N 77.37361°W / 37.42917; -77.37361Coordinates: 37°25′45″N 77°22′25″W / 37.42917°N 77.37361°W / 37.42917; -77.37361
Built/Founded: 1862

Chimborazo Hospital was an American Civil War era facility built in Richmond, Virginia, to service the needs of the Confederate Army. It functioned between 1862 and 1865, treating over 76,000 injured Confederate soldiers. It achieved a 20 percent mortality rate, and today the site is owned by the National Park Service and is used as the visitor center for the Richmond National Battlefield Park.[1]

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  • Pember, Phoebe Yates. 1974. A Southern Woman's Story: Life in Confederate Richmond. (editor B.I. Wiley). Mockingbird Books. ISBN 0345238656 - (Mrs. Yates, a chief matron of one of the hospital divisions at Chimborazo, wrote this memoir between 1865 and 1879.)