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Charles Conrad Abbott.

Charles Conrad Abbott (June 4, 1843 – July 27, 1919) was an American archaeologist and naturalist, born at Trenton, New Jersey. He studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and served as a surgeon in the Union Army during the Civil War. From 1876 to 1889 he was assistant curator of the Peabody Museum in Cambridge, Mass., to which he presented a collection of 20,000 archæological specimens; he freely gave also to other archæological collections. His book Primitive Industry (1881) detailed the evidences of the presence of pre-glacial man in the Delaware valley, and is a valuable contribution to American archæology. He was well known as a frequent contributor to the American Naturalist, Science, Nature, Science-News, and Popular Science Monthly. He also published many books on outdoor observation, such as A Naturalist's Rambles about Home (1884).


  • The Stone Age in New Jersey (1875)
  • Upland and Meadow (1886)
  • Waste Land Wanderings (1887)
  • Outings at Odd Times (1890)
  • Recent Archaeological Explorations in the Valley of the Delaware (1892)
  • The Birds About Us (1894)
  • Travels in a Tree-Top (1894)
  • Clear Skies and Cloudy (1899)
  • In Nature's Realm (1900)
  • Rambles of an Idler (1906)
  • Archœologia Nova Cœsarea (1907–09)
  • Ten Years in Lenape Land (1901–11)

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