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Benjamin Franklin Goodrich (November 4, 1841 – August 3, 1888) was an American industrialist in the rubber industry.

Dr. Goodrich was born to Anson and Susan Goodrich in Ripley, New York. He was educated as a physician; he received his M.D. from Western Reserve College in Cleveland, Ohio. B. F., as he was known, served as a surgeon with the Union Army in the Civil War.

After the war he reached a licensing agreement with Charles Goodyear, and bought the Hudson Rubber Company in partnership with J.P. Morris. The company, located in Melrose, New York, failed. In 1870 he moved to Akron, Ohio to found the company that still bears his name, BF Goodrich. The radial tire was designed by an advertising employee in his company.

Benjamin Goodrich was the first man in Akron, Ohio to own a telephone. He acquired one as a gift from Alexander Graham Bell in 1877. The telephone was connected from Goodrich's house on Quaker street to his factory on Rubber street. 1.


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