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Battle of Rogersville
Part of the American Civil War
Date November 6, 1863
Location Rogersville, Tennessee
Result Confederate victory
US flag 35 stars USA (Union) Confederate National Flag since Mai 1 1863 to Mar 4 1865 CSA (Confederacy)
Colonel Isarel Garrard
Major Daniel Carpenter
Brigadier General William E. Jones
• 3rd Brigade, 4th Cavalry Division, U.S. Army
• 2nd East Tennessee Mounted Infantry, U.S. Army
• Jones' Brigade, C.S. Army
• 2nd Cavalry Brigade, C.S. Army
• 8th Virginia Cavalry, C.S. Army

The Battle of Rogersville was a conflict in and around the town of Rogersville, Tennessee on the morning of November 6, 1863, between the United States Army 3rd Brigate, 4th Cavalry Division and the 2nd East Tennessee Mounted Infantry, and the Confederate States Army Jones' Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Brigade and the 8th Virginia Cavalry. Because Federal forces were caught largely by surprise, the Confederates, under Brigadier General William E. Jones, were able to recapture Rogersville along with significant supplies from the town's railroad storehouses.


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