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Battle of Plymouth
Part of the American Civil War
File:Capture of Plymouth, North Carolina.jpg
Capture of Plymouth
Date April 17–20, 1864
Location Washington County, North Carolina
Result Confederate victory
United States of America (Union) Confederate States of America
Henry W. Wessells Robert F. Hoke
Plymouth Garrison Hoke's Division
Casualties and losses
2,000 800

The Battle of Plymouth was an engagement during the American Civil War that was fought from April 17 through April 20, 1864, in Washington County, North Carolina.


In a combined operation with the ironclad ram CSS Albemarle, Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. Robert F. Hoke, attacked the Federal garrison at Plymouth, North Carolina, on April 17. On April 19, the ram appeared in the river, sinking the USS Southfield, damaging the USS Miami, and driving off the other Union Navy ships supporting the Plymouth garrison. Confederate forces captured Fort Comfort, driving defenders into Fort Williams. On April 20, the garrison surrendered.

Order of battle[]

Union forces[]

  • 1st North Carolina Union Volunteers
  • 2nd North Carolina Union Volunteers
  • 101st Pennsylvania Volunteers
  • 103rd Pennsylvania Volunteers
  • 16th Connecticut Infantry
  • 85th New York Light Infantry
  • 10th US Colored Infantry
  • 37th US Colored Infantry
  • 2nd US Colored Cavalry
  • 12th New York Cavalry
  • 2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery
  • 24th New York Independent Battery


  • USS Miami
  • USS Southfield
  • USS Ceres
  • USS Whitehead
  • USS Massasoit

Confederate forces[]

Hoke's Division

  • Hoke's Brigade
    • 6th North Carolina Infantry
    • 21st North Carolina Infantry
    • 43rd North Carolina Infantry
    • 54th North Carolina Infantry
    • 21st Georgia Infantry
  • Ransom's Brigade
    • 8th North Carolina Infantry
    • 24th North Carolina Infantry
    • 25th North Carolina Infantry
    • 35th North Carolina Infantry
    • 49th North Carolina Infantry
    • 56th North Carolina Infantry
  • Kemper's Brigade

Dearing's Battalion

  • 8th Confederate Cavalry
  • Virginia Horse Artillery

Branch's Battalion

  • Pegram's Battery
  • Miller's Artillery
  • Bradford's Battery

Moseley's Battalion

  • Montgomery (Alabama) True Blues Infantry
  • Wilmington Light Artillery

Guion's Battalion:

  • 1st NC Artillery - Co.s B, G & H.

Read's Battalion:

  • 38th Virginia Battalion of Light Infantry
    • Fauquier Artillery (Co. A)
    • Richmond Fayette Artillery (Co. B)
    • Bloundt's Lynchburg Artillery (Co. D)


  • CSS Albemarle
  • CSS Cotton Plant

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