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The Battle at Morrisville Station was fought April 13–15 1865 in Morrisville, North Carolina during the Carolinas Campaign of the American Civil War. It was the last cavalry battle of the War and occurred between the armies of Major General William T. Sherman and General Joseph E. Johnston. General Judson Kilpatrick, commanding officer of the Union cavalry advance, defeated the Confederates who were frantically trying to transport their remaining supplies and wounded westward toward Greensboro, NC. Kilpatrick forced the Confederates to retreat hastily leaving many supplies behind, but the trains with wounded escaped. Later, General Johnston sent a courier to Morrisville to pass a message on to General Sherman to discuss a truce. Eventually, the two generals met at Bennett Place on April 17, 1865 to begin discussing the terms of what would become the largest surrender of the war.[1]


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