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Battle of Middle Boggy
Part of the American Civil War
Date February 13, 1864
Location Atoka County, Indian Territory
Result Union victory
United States of America Confederate States of America
Maj. Charles Willette
Cpt. Soloman Kaufman
Lt. Col. John Jumper
350 men
2 howitzers
90 men
Casualties and losses
None 47 killed

The Battle of Middle Boggy Depot took place on February 13, 1864 in Choctaw Indian Territory, north of what is now Atoka, Oklahoma. While waiting for reinforcements, Union Colonel William A. Phillips sent out an advance of approximately 350 men from the 14th Kansas Cavalry (led by Maj. Charles Willette) and two howitzers (led by Captain Soloman Kaufman) to the Middle Boggy Depot. The Confederate forces, consisting of 90 men from Lt. Col. John Jumper's Seminole Battalion of Mounted Rifles, were caught off guard when Willettes shelled them and subsequently attacked. While outnumbered and outgunned, the Confederates held off Union attacks for approximately 30 minutes before retreating to the surrounding woods. Lt. Col. Jumper and additional troops, who were not at the main skirmish, raced to the Depot after hearing the Union howitzers. However before they arrived, Willette had retreated after learning of the their approach.


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