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Battle of Athens State Historic Site
Missouri State Historic Site
Country File:Flag of the United States.svg United States
State File:Flag of Missouri.svg Missouri
County Clark County
Coordinates 40°31′23″N 91°41′44″W / 40.52306°N 91.69556°W / 40.52306; -91.69556
Area 0.64 sq mi (2 km2)
Founded 1975

Battle of Athens State Historic Site is located in Clark County, Missouri along the banks of the Des Moines River. It is the site of the Battle of Athens.


The once-thriving river village of Athens, Missouri had up to fifty businesses and a large mill in antebellum times.[1] In July 1861 it was occupied by pro-Union forces of the Missouri Home Guard. Wanting to seize the strategically imporant village for the Confederacy, elements of the pro-Southern Missouri State Guard attacked on August 5, 1861. Despite being outnumbered by more than 3-to-1, the State Guard emerged victorious. A small action when compared to other battles, with casualties light, nonetheless it holds the distinction of being the the northernmost Civil War battle west of the Mississippi River. Following the battle many bitter feelings remained among residents. This along with the coming of railoads and less reliance on river shipping sealed the fate of Athens.[2]. By turn of the 20th century Athens was a veritable ghost town. In 1962 remaining area residents worked together to create the Battle of Athens Park, which was donated to the state of Missouri in 1975.[3] The historic site and open air museum interpret the battle and it's aftermath.


Boating: A ten-acre lake is available for use by boats and canoes with electric trolling motors only. No gasoline motors. No marina services available.
Camping: Basic and electric campsites are available each April through November. Water is available in the campground.
Fishing: Predominate species found in the lake are large-mouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and some channel catfish.
Hiking: Three trails are available. Two are approximately 1.75 miles in length. The third is .75 miles.
Picnicking: Battle of Athens State Historic Site offers three picnic areas and one enclosed picnic shelter.
Swimming: Swimming is not allowed.



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