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Battle of Amelia Springs
Part of the American Civil War
Date 5 April 1865 (1865-04-05)
Location Amelia Springs, Virginia
Result Inconclusive
US flag 35 stars.svg United States (Union) Confederate National Flag since Mar 4 1865.svg CSA (Confederacy)
George Crook Thomas L. Rosser
Fitzhugh Lee
Casualties and losses
250 total

The Battle of Amelia Springs was a minor engagement in the Appomattox Campaign of the American Civil War. It was the immediate prelude to the Battle of Sayler's Creek. On April 5, 1865, Confederate cavalry under Maj. Gens. Fitzhugh Lee and Thomas L. Rosser assaulted a division of Union cavalry led by Maj. Gen. George Crook that was returning from burning Confederate wagons in Painesville. The running fight started just north of Amelia Springs and was inconclusive. Losses are estimated at 250 combined on both sides. One of the items burned in the wagons was the war diary for the Army of Northern Virginia.[1]



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