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Battery Garesche or Battery Garesché was a Union Army artillery battery built as part of the defenses of Washington, D.C. in the American Civil War at what is now Abingdon Street at South 30th Road in Fairlington, Arlington County, Virginia. It was constructed in late 1861 to control the high ground over Fort Reynolds, 200 yards (200 m) to the southeast, and to protect it from Confederate attack from positions on Seminary Ridge. It had a perimeter of 166 yards (152 m) and emplacements for 8 guns. Although located in Virginia, a Confederate state, this was part of the area near Washington that was never controlled by Confederate forces.

File:Battery Garesche Historical Marker.JPG

Battery Garesche historical marker

The battery was named after Lieutenant Colonel Julius P. Garesché who was killed on 31 December 1862 at the Battle of Murfreesborough (Battle of Stones River) in Tennessee.

The battery no longer exists and is now noted only with a historical marker.