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Rear Admiral Augustus H. Kilty (1807 – November 10, 1879) was a U.S. Navy officer who served during the Civil War.


Born at Annapolis, Maryland, Kilty was appointed Midshipman July 4, 1821. He served in Pacific, Asiatic, Mediterranean, and African waters. In February 1832, he took part in Commodore George Reid's operations in defense of American merchantmen at Quallah Batto.

During the Civil War, he served at Island No. 10 and Fort Pillow. He commanded an expedition to White River, Arkansas; during this operation he was severely wounded June 17, 1862, causing the loss of his left arm.

He was promoted to Rear Admiral July 13, 1870 and died November 10, 1879.


The destroyer USS Kilty (DD-137) was named after him.

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This article includes text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.