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Arthur Pendleton Mason
Personal Information
Born: December 11, 1835(1835-12-11)
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Died: April 22, 1893 (aged 57)
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Nickname: "Pen"
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Other Information
Allegiance: United States of America
Confederate States of America
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Branch: Confederate States Army
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Rank: Lieutenant colonel (CSA)
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Commands: 2nd Regiment Mississippi Cavalry
6th Regiment Arkansas Volunteers
Army of Tennessee
Battles: American Civil War
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Arthur "Pen" Pendleton Mason (11 December 1835–22 April 1893)[1][2][3] was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Confederate States Army serving during the American Civil War.[4] Mason was a scion of the prominent Mason political family of Virginia.[3]

Early life and education[]

Mason was born on 11 December 1835 near Alexandria, Virginia in Fairfax County.[1][5] He was the ninth and youngest child of Thomson Francis Mason (1785–21 December 1838)[6][7] and his wife Elizabeth "Betsey" Clapham Price (1802–21 December 1873).

Mason earned his law degree from the University of Virginia.[5] Following law school, Mason was a planter and practiced law in Alexandria and Richmond.[5]

Mason's father died on 21 December 1838 in Alexandria at the age of 53.[6][7][8][9][10][11] Mason inherited his father's Colross estate in Alexandria.[12] His mother transferred ownership of Huntley on 7 November 1859 to Mason and his brother Dr. John "Frank" Francis Mason.[8][11]

American Civil War[]

During the American Civil War, Mason joined the 2nd Regiment Mississippi Cavalry in either late 1860 or early 1861.[13] On 5 June 1861, Mason transferred to the 6th Regiment of Brigadier General Thomas C. Hindman's brigade of Arkansas Volunteers.[5][13] On 11 December 1861, Mason was ordered to report to General Joseph E. Johnston at Manassas.[5][13] His brother-in-law, Thomas Grimke Rhett, was Johnston's chief of staff at the time.[13] Mason was Johnston's assistant adjutant general during most of the war.[13] Mason served as a member of Johnston's staff until Johnston was wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines in 1862.[4] Mason then served under Robert E. Lee until 1863 when he rejoined Johnston's during the Vicksburg Campaign.[4][5][13] Following Johnston's removal from the command of the Army of Tennessee during the Atlanta Campaign, Mason joined the staff of John Bell Hood.[4] Mason was appointed colonel in the 2nd Mississippi Cavalry on 2 January 1864, but President Jefferson Davis declined to nominated him and his appointment was later voided.[5] Upon Hood's defeat at Nashville in December 1864, Mason joined Lieutenant General Richard Taylor's staff before rejoining Johnston in North Carolina at the end of the war.[4]

Marriage and children[]

Mason married Mary Ellen Campbell, daughter of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, John Archibald Campbell.[1][3][5][14] The couple had four children, with only one surviving to adulthood:[1][3]

  • John Archibald Campbell Mason (10 December 1870–18 April 1888)[1][2]

Later life[]

Following the war, Mason relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana where he became a merchant.[5]

Mason died on 22 April 1893 in Morris Park, The Bronx, New York at age 57.[1][5] Mason was interred in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland.[5]


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