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Army of the West
File:The Van Dorn Flag.png
Van Dorn's battleflag
Active March 4, 1862–September 28, 1862
Country Confederate States of America
Branch Confederate States Army
Engagements Battle of Pea Ridge
Battle of Corinth
Battle of Iuka
Earl Van Dorn
John P. McCown
Sterling Price
For the U.S. army during the Mexican-American War see Army of the West (1846), and for the French Revolutionary army unit see Army of the West (France).

The Army of the West was a military force within the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War that the was part of the Trans-Mississippi Department and was composed primarily of members of the old Missouri State Guard.

It saw action in the Battle of Pea Ridge, Battle of Corinth and Battle of Iuka and consisted of about 20,000 men.

The Army was reorganized in late 1862 but the troops that followed Price[clarification needed] in his other commands continued to be popularly called the Army of the West. Price's troops were formally reconstituted as the Army of Missouri when they began Price's Raid in an 1864 attempt to recapture Missouri.


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