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Alvarez Kelly
File:Alvarez Kelly poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Edward Dmytryk
Produced by Sol C. Siegel
Ray David (uncredited)
Written by Franklin Coen
Elliott Arnold (uncredited)
Starring William Holden
Richard Widmark
Music by Johnny Green
Cinematography Joseph MacDonald
Editing by Harold F. Kress
Distributed by Columbia Pictures Corporation
Release date(s) October 1966
Running time 116 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Alvarez Kelly is a 1966 war film set in the American Civil War. It starred William Holden and Richard Widmark. The film was based on the real-life Beefsteak Raid of September 1864.


Cattleman Alvarez Kelly (William Holden) is contracted to deliver a herd to the Union Army in Virginia. However, as he nears the end of his long cattle drive, Kelly is kidnapped by Confederate raiders led by Colonel Tom Rossiter (Richard Widmark). The Confederacy desperately needs the beef to feed its soldiers besieged in Richmond.

Kelly is "persuaded" (after having one of his fingers shot off by Rossiter) to help steal the herd. For revenge, he arranges passage for Rossiter's discontented Southern belle fiancée, Liz Pickering (Janice Rule), on a blockade runner leaving the city. Despite the hatred between the two men, they manage to work together. Kelly first teaches Rossiter's men how to drive cattle. Then, they proceed to capture the herd, despite the efforts of Union officer Major Albert Stedman (Patrick O'Neal).

See also[]

  • William Holden as Alvarez Kelly
  • Richard Widmark as Colonel Tom Rossiter
  • Janice Rule as Liz Pickering
  • Patrick O'Neal as Major Albert Steadman
  • Victoria Shaw as Charity Warwick
  • Roger C. Carmel as Captain Angus Ferguson, a blockade runner
  • Richard Rust as Sergeant Hatcher
  • Arthur Franz as Capt. Towers
  • Don 'Red' Barry as Lt. Farrow (as Donald Barry)
  • Duke Hobbie as John Beaurider
  • Harry Carey Jr. as Cpl. Peterson
  • Howard Caine as McIntyre
  • Mauritz Hugo as Ely Harrison
  • Barry Atwater as Gen. Kautz (as G.B. Atwater)
  • Robert Morgan as Capt. Williams

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