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Almira L. Fales (died November 8, 1868, Washington, D. C.) was a noted philanthropist and nurse during the American Civil War. She was for some time a resident of Iowa, but her husband, Joseph T. Fales received an appointment as examiner in the United States Patent Office in Washington, D.C. and that would become their home.[citation needed]

As early as 1860, she foresaw and predicted the approaching struggle, and, much to the surprise of her friends, began the collection and preparation of articles for hospital use. At the beginning of the war she cared for sick and wounded soldiers at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee and other battlefields sites. The government placed an ambulance at her command, and during the war she was unremitting in her visits to the hospitals in the neighborhood of Washington, at Fredericksburg, on the Peninsula, and elsewhere.[citation needed]

In the yard of her own house she pitched a large tent, into which she gathered sick and disabled soldiers, and there ministered to their needs until means could be provided to send them to their homes. For some time Fales was charged by the government with the superintendence of soldiers sent from the hospitals in and around Washington to the hospitals in New York and elsewhere.[citation needed]


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