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Alfred Dockery (December 11, 1797 – December 7, 1875) was an American Congressional Representative serving both Tennessee and North Carolina. He was also a Confederate States Army Militia General in Tennessee during the American Civil War.

Early life and career[]

Alfred Dockery was born near Rockingham, North Carolina.[1] He attended the public schools and engaged in planting. Dockery was a member of the North Carolina House of Commons in 1822. He was also the father of Oliver Hart Dockery, who was born in 1830. Dockery was a member of the State constitutional convention in 1835, and afterwards served in the North Carolina State Senate from 1836 to 1844.

Dockery then moved to Tennessee and was elected as a Whig to the Twenty-ninth Congress (March 4, 1845-March 3, 1847). He declined to be a candidate for re-election in 1846 to the Thirtieth Congress, but was elected to the Thirty-second Congress (March 4, 1851-March 3, 1853). He was the unsuccessful Whig candidate for Governor of North Carolina in 1854[2] and the unsuccessful National Union (Republican) candidate for Governor in 1866.[3]

Civil War service and later life[]

With the outbreak of the American Civil War, Dockery served as a brigadier general of the Tennessee State Militia in 1861.[1] After the war he retired from public service and returned to being a planter for his remaining years.

Dockery died in Rockingham, Richmond County, N.C. and was interred there in the family cemetery.[1]

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