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91st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Active December, 1861 to July 3, 1865
Country United States
Allegiance Union
Branch Infantry
Nickname Albany Regiment

The 91st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment was a state infantry regiment formed during the American Civil War from Counties around Albany, New York.[1]


The unit was first sent to Key West, Florida, then to Pensacola, Florida.

Soldiers from the 91st New York took part in the raid on Bagdad, Florida, and later in the capture of the Steamboat Bloomer from the Town of Geneva, in what was then Coffee County, Alabama, in the latter part of 1862, and early 1863.[2] Lt. James H. Stewart led the raid, and was accompanied by a naval unit commanded by Acting Master Elias Bruner of the USS Charlotte. Although no shots were fired, this raid had a profound impact on the defense of southern Alabama, in that troops were raised to protect the area, until the troops were needed elsewhere.

Later, the 91st New York took part in the siege of Port Hudson, one of the last key impediments (Vicksburg was the other) to Federal Control of the Mississippi.

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