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7th Louisiana Regiment Infantry (African Descent)
Active 1863–1864
Country United States of America
Allegiance File:US flag 34 stars.svg USA
Branch Union Army, American Civil War
Type Infantry

The 7th Louisiana Regiment Infantry (African Descent) was a regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The regiment served in Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas and mustered out March 13, 1866.[1]

Service in the District of Vicksburg[]

The regiment was first organized and on duty in New Orleans, Louisiana for 60 days from July 10 to August 6, 1863.[2] The regiment was organized once more at Memphis, Tennessee, Holly Springs, Mississippi and Island No.10, in December 1863[3] and was on post duty at Vicksburg until March, 1864. The unit was involved in a skirmish at Vidalia, Louisiana on February 7, 1864.[4]

64th Regiment Infantry U.S. Colored Troops[]

The designation of the unit was changed to the 64th Regiment Infantry U.S. Colored Troops on March 11, 1864.[5][6]

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