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6th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Georgia State flag prior to 1879
Active 1861–April 26, 1865
Country Confederate States of America
Allegiance CSA Dixie
Branch Volunteer Army, American Civil War
Type Infantry
Engagements American Civil War
Battle of Fredericksburg
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle of Olustee
Colonel Alfred H. Colquitt

The 6th Georgia Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. It was organized at Macon, Georgia, in April, 1861.

Future governor of Georgia, Alfred H. Colquitt, was elected its first colonel. The regiment fought in the Battle of Fredericksburg, the Battle of Antietam and participated in Stonewall Jackson's flank attack at the Battle of Chancellorsville. The unit later saw action at battery Wagner near Charleston, South Carolina, and the battle of Olustee near Ocean Pond, Florida. The remnants and survivors of the regiment surrendered at Greenboro, North Carolina on April 26, 1865, to forces under the command of William T. Sherman.



  • Colonels
    • Alfred Holt Colquitt
    • John T. Lofton
    • Sampson Watkins Harris


  • A Company (Sydney Brown Infantry) was formed in Hancock County, Georgia.
  • B Company (Lookout Dragoons) was formed in Dade County, Georgia.
  • C Company (Beauregard Rifles or Beauregard Volunteers) was formed in Houston County, Georgia.
  • D Company (Butts County Volunteers) was formed in Butts County, Georgia.
  • E Company (Crawford County Greys or Crawford Greys) was formed in Crawford County, Georgia.
  • F Company (Camilla Guards or Mitchell County Independents or Mitchell Independents) was formed in Mitchell County, Georgia.
  • G Company (Butler Vanguards) was formed in Taylor County, Georgia.
  • H Company (Baker Fire Eaters) was formed in Baker County, Georgia.
  • I Company (Twiggs County Guards) was formed in Twiggs County, Georgia.
  • K Company (Gilmer Blues) was formed in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.


  • Yorktown Siege, Virginia (4/62)Williamsburg, Virginia (5/5/62)
  • Seven Pines, Virginia (5/31/62 - 6/1/62)
  • Seven Days Battles, Virginia (6/25/62 - 7/1/62)
  • Gaines’ Mill, Virginia (6/27/62)
  • Malvern Hill, Virginia (7/1/62)
  • South Mountain, Maryland (9/14/62)
  • Antietam, Maryland (9/17/62)
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia (12/13/62)
  • Chancellorsville, Virginia (5/1/63 - 5/4/63)
  • Grimball’s Landing, James Island, South Carolina (7/16/63)
  • Charleston Harbor, South Carolina (8/63 - 9/63)
  • Olustee, Florida (2/20/64)
  • Drewry’s Bluff, Virginia (5/16/64)
  • Petersburg Siege, Virginia (6/1/64 - 4/1/65)
  • Cold Harbor, Virginia (6/1/64 - 6/3/64)
  • Crater, Virginia (7/30/64)
  • Fort Harrison, Virginia (9/29/64 - 9/30/64)
  • Second Fort Fisher, North Carolina (1/13/65 - 1/15/65)
  • Carolinas Campaign (2/65 - 4/30/65)
  • Bentonville, North Carolina (3/19/65 - 3/21/65)

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