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In the Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) this unit is listed by the Manassas Battlefield Park as an independent unit. They were sent by Gen. Milroy during the battle to link up with an Ohio infantry troop to try to provide support for other units attempting to hold Gen. Stonewall Jackson's line at the unfinished railroad tracks just down from Henry Hill. The units got lost and ended up right in the middle of Jackson's line. After a short skirmish, the 5th WV infantry pulled back to re-group. Eventually they were directed to try to support the Union troops trying to hold Henry Hill, with Gen. Milroy waving his saber in a desperate attempt to stop the tide of soldiers escaping the tremendous onslot reigning down on them from the Confederates.

5th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Flag of West Virginia
Active October 18, 1861 to November 9, 1864
Country United States
Allegiance Union
Branch Infantry
Engagements Battle of Cross Keys
Battle of Cedar Mountain
Battle of Groveton
Second Battle of Bull Run

The 5th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War.


The regiment was organized at Ceredo, West Virginia and mustered in on October 18, 1861.

Veterans of the regiment who chose to re-enlist were amalgamated with the 1st West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment (3 Year) on November 9, 1864, to form the 2nd West Virginia Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regiment.


The 5th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment suffered 4 officers and 57 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded in battle and 2 officers and 88 enlisted men dead from disease for a total of 151 fatalities.[1]


Colonel John L. Zeigler, October 18, 1861.

Lieutenant-colonel Stephen P. Colvin, October 18, 1861.

Major Ralph Ormstead, October 18, 1861.[1]


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