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4thRegiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
Flag of Wisconsin
Active July 2, 1861–June 19, 1866
Allegiance Federal
Branch Infantry
Type Regiment
Engagements American Civil War
Halbert E. Paine
Joseph Bailey

The 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War, primarily in the Western Theater. It was later mounted and became the 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry Regiment.


The 4th Wisconsin was raised as an infantry regiment at Camp Utley in Racine and was mustered into Federal service on July 2, 1861. It was first assigned to garrison duty in Maryland, then in February 1862 was transferred to Newport News, Virginia. It became part of the Army of the Gulf and was subsequently sent to New Orleans, Louisiana. During the following year, the 4th Wisconsin participated in several expeditions against Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Port Hudson, Louisiana. It saw action in the Siege of Port Hudson from May to July 1863.

On September 1, 1863, the regiment was reorganized as the 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, which it served as through the remainder of the war.

Total enlistments and casualties[]

The 4th Wisconsin Regiment initially mustered 1,058 men and later recruited an additional 994 men, for a total of 2502 men during its service.[1] The regiment lost 9 officers and 158 enlisted men killed in action or mortally wounds, plus another 2 officers and 113 enlisted men who died of disease, for a total of 282 fatalities.[2]


  • Colonel Halbert E. Paine - May 27, 1861, to March 13, 1863 - promoted to brigadier general.
  • Colonel Sidney A. Bean - March 17, 1863, to May 29, 1863 - killed in action at the Battle of Port Hudson
  • Colonel Frederick A. Boardman - June 3, 1863, to May 3, 1864 - killed in action at Comite River, Louisiana
  • Colonel Joseph Bailey - May 3, 1864, to November 10, 1864 - promoted to brigadier general.



Further reading[]

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