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34th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
File:Flag of Wisconsin.svg
Wisconsin flag
Active December, 1862 to September 8, 1863
Country United States
Allegiance Union
Branch Infantry
Engagements None

The 34th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War.


The 34th Wisconsin was organized at Madison, Wisconsin and mustered into Federal service December, 1862.

The regiment was mustered out on September 8, 1863, in the course of disciplinary action against various members of the regiment, including the regiment commander, Fritz Anneke.

Anneke, a famous Forty-Eighter of German origin, had been a former Prussian officer and artillery commander during the 1849 revolutionary war in Palatinate and Baden, Germany. Carl Schurz, who was later U.S. general, secretary of the Interior and U.S. senator, had been his adjunct officer during that campaign, and his wife Mathilde Franziska Anneke, the famous abolitionist and feminist activist, served as ordnance officer in that campaign. Emil Anneke, the first Michigan Auditor General of the Republican Party, was his brother. Although Anneke was arrested and later dismissed from military service, he was probably innocent and a victim of blackmail. Most of his friends from the German 1849 campaign served as generals in the Union, for example Carl Schurz, August Willich, Ludwig Blenker, and Franz Sigel. Fritz Anneke later tried to be re-admitted to military service, also supported by his brother Emil, but did not succeed.[1]


The 34th Wisconsin suffered 1 officers and 18 enlisted men who died of disease, for a total of 19 fatalities.[1]


  • Fritz Anneke (Forty-Eighter of German Origin, Prussian Artillery officer and commanding officer of Carl Schurz during the 1849 campaign in Palatinate and Baden, husband of Mathilde Franziska Anneke)

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