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32nd Regiment Indiana Infantry was also known as the 1st German Regiment (an all-German regiment). Governor Oliver P. Morton commissioned August Willich of Cincinnati as Colonel of the 32nd Indiana.

The Thirty-second gained nationwide recognition for its stand against Confederate forces at Rowlett's Station, Ky. A detachment of 500 men under Lt. Col. Henry von Trebra fought off 1300 men of Terry's Texas Rangers and infantry under General Hindman. The 32nd formed the "hollow square", and drove the attackers back, losing 10 and 22 wounded, but killing thirty-three of the enemy, including Col. Terry and wounding fifty others.

The 32nd saw action at Shiloh on the second day, during which Col. Willich displayed great leadership. When his troops became unsteady under fire, he stood before them, his back to the enemy, and conducted the regiment through the manual of arms. He had the regimental band play 'La Marsaillaise', which was the anthem for all republican movements in Europe. Recovering its stability, the 32nd launched a bayonet attack. Willich was promoted to brigade command. The 32nd remained in his brigade, under command of von Trebra and, later, Frank Erdelmeyer.

August Bloedner, a Private of Cincinnati, commemorate the deaths of his comrades killed in action at the Battle of Rowlett's Station, Kentucky, in December 1861, by building the first monument of the American Civil War.[1]


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