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139th Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry
Country United States of America
Allegiance Union
Branch United States Army
Type Infantry
Role Infantry
Nickname Ulster County Guards

The 139th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment of Union Army in the early years of the American Civil War. The regiment was organized in 1861 in Ulster County, New York. Volunteers were recruited from the more affluent families of the County.[1]

On their way to Washington, DC they stopped over at the barracks in Central Park. During their stay, Washington ordered them home because there was no more need for three-months regiments. The men appealed to acting Assistant Quartermaster Chester Arthur, who went to Albany to consult with Governor Edwin D. Morgan. Morgan granted permission to send the men into battle. When Arthur arrived back with the news, the men were so elated they renamed their quarters Camp Arthur.[1]

Later, annual reunions were held to commemorate the delivery of Arthur's news.[1]


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